Meet Us At CommunicAsia 2008,

June 17-20, Hall 4 Booth G1-07

Stop by the VION Mobile booth and check out our hot new games,

and Numeroid.

Use your $2 scratch card to play viwawa games or build a designer WaWa!

How to redeem your VION Mobile card
2.Login or Register a new account
3. Click on Top-Up Cash
4. Enter Pin #-Do not scratch to hard
5. Go to the ePin top up section and enter PIN
6. Play Hard and Win BIG



Terms and conditions apply:

Did you enjoy the viwawa social gaming environment? Imagine what the VION Mobile team could develop for you. Request more information below and sign up to meet our team while at CommunicAsia.

Fill out the contact us form and check the "Arrange a meeting" box if you would like to meet the VION Mobile team while in Barcelona. A team member will contact you to schedule a meeting.



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VION Mobile is a leading provider of media rich content and social networking tools for the communications, social networking, and internet and mobile gaming Industry. Since 2003, VION Mobile has provided the mobile and internet industry with PC to mobile cross platform entertainment and content solutions, customizing impressive end user add-ons that increase customer retention and data usage for the carriers, service providers and enterprises.

As the world's social needs grow, the challenge to keep subscribers connected and increase revenues while doing so has taken phone and PC innovation to a new level of importance. VION Mobile has created numerous communities using the VION suite of products, enabling operators, content providers, and social network managers to push the limits of creativity and revenue goals for their product line. What are you waiting for? Why not get your Vi-on today?

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