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VION Avatar Creation Engine

Who are you anyway?

An important part of the social network or internet gaming experience is being known or having a personality online. Give your subscribers the ability to establish a mobile and online personality that allows them to create an avatar with a profile and mood changes.

It forms a sense of community for subscribers and keeps them logged on, while generating a continuous stream of revenue though data usage, avatar upgrades, and contests in a virtual mobile and web based economy.

Avatar creation engine feature:

  • Unique avatar engine branding, from specialized trucks to animals that wear clothes, the possibilities are limitless
  • Create community identity with a theme based on your products and services
  • Offer exciting challenges and contests that promote your brand and increase website revenues
  • Increase your target market reach to a younger demographic, who demands mobile and fix-line gaming and social networking
  • Interoperability within your network and the most popular IM services

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