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Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer Games designed for the mobile and web user

Most operators and content providers offer games, but are they fun, addictive, do they create a viral brand? VION Mobile creates a cool, sticky and engaging multiplayer gaming environment that is designed for the converged mobile and PC platform. From vehicles, animals, fantasy figures to robots, VION mobile can customize a uniquely branded game to maximize your marketing and revenue goals.

VION Mobile's Most Popular Multiplayer Games:

Just Released:Numeroid
Commandeer your tanks and challenge others with your speed, reflexes and mathematical mastery!

Wahlords-A combination of sheer power, wit, luck, speed and trickery will grant you the Wahlord battle victory.


Zany Bridge-Bridge with a conniving twist.

Sushido-A fast paced puzzle game in which you are a sushi chef competing against time

Stwack!! - A turn-based strategy, stick man fighting game

Wahjong - A twist on a classic version of Mahjong

Big 2.5 - A variation of the popular card shedding game, Big Two

Match it - A card matching game with a little extra flavor

Check Mate - Chess is a game that requires no introduction

Games designed for the mobile phone translate a graphic's energy and purpose with a higher efficiency than when a game is designed for a PC and squeezed down for the mobile phone screen. VION Mobile has developed a suite of games designed specifically for mobile phones and PC screens that allows the players to interact through real time multiplayer action, Live chats and IM.

VION games can be specialized for a large number of platforms (Java, J2ME, BREW, Flash, RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile, J2SE and .NET) with managed services covering not-only development, but also deployment and hosting, providing an integrated build, test and run environment. For more information on how VION games can increase your websites traffic, contact The VION Mobile Team .

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